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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Your parameters have to be really stable for OEBT's. But I assume you know what you're doing since you wanted CRS and CBS ! But that's great! I'm still to scared to attempt anything expensive as I don't have buffering soil or RO water. That limits me to neos... lol! Trying some regular tigers at the moment as well. If those work out I might try a few green caridina as well.

The only time I would trim the frogbit roots are if they start rooting into the soil :P. Other besides that its great for sucking up those extra nitrites in the entire water column! I'm definitely getting a few haha. You convinced me with another photo. I have a question though, do they multiply fast? Am I going to have my entire top of the tank covered?

To be honest, that driftwood does a great job of hiding your filter haha. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. If you're pleased with the filtering job its doing maybe you can hide it with taller plants and some moss tied on the driftwood? I use internal filters myself since they seem to work fine for me.

Sounds good for taking out one of the rocks for a DW though. Or you're not gonna have much planting room along the bottom of your tank. Looking forwards to updates! And maybe those OEBT!
The frogbit is probably the fastest growing plant I have right now, the roots are going about 1/2" to 1" a day or more, it's definitely noticeable. If there's too many you can always just toss the extras or keep them in a random bowl of water (like me lol)

I'll see what the filter looks like once I get the saggitaria in there (3 large plants just shipped today) it works good I just don't like how it's taking up the corner space *is used to big tanks with larger spaces*
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