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My Fluval Spec (Lots of pics)

Hi all. I'm fairly new to this forum and to planted tanks in general. I picked up a Fluval Spec and decided to run it as a freshwater planted tank. I set it up last night and now it's cycling. Any advice and comments are welcome!

Tank: Fluval Spec 2 U.S. Gal.
Light: Stock for now
Heater: Marina C10
Substrate: Seachem Flourite
C02: None
Flora: Dwarf Hairgrass, Needle Leaf Ludwigia
Fauna: None


Rinsing the Flourite.

Flourite meet tank

Planted and filling

Filled and cycling.

Should I be adding anything to the tank as it cycles to help the plants out? Should I add Excel or API Leaf Zone while it cycles?

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