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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Those DW pieces look really great! Will you be removing some of the rocks when you add the DW though? And the frogbit really takes off well, very nice long roots. Makes me really consider getting some.
That's funny because I was hoping the roots wouldn't be this long! But I suppose it'll be better for the shrimp, more room to hide & climb.

BTW! This tank might actually temporarily house some orange eye blue tigers which I might be getting if I'm lucky, fingers & toes both crossed! Super excited!!

Some work done today, added one of the pieces of stubborn driftwood, it's only staying in place because of the rock and the filter holding it down. The other more round piece I think I'm going to put on the right, it looks really nice by those two rocks. Speaking of rocks, I think I'm going to remove the one on the left and replace it with some kind of medium sized plant, it's going to look a bit too cluttered when everything's in place. Also seeded the tank with the filter from my 55g to get it cycled.

Ordered some saggitaria and that's going to arrive Friday at the latest.
Tank today, with the driftwood.

Ps- let me just say I HATE that filter. It works fine, but it's just filling up that whole corner and....ick. Anyone know any suggestions for a less intrusive filter?
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