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5.5g CLOSED (turned into a backup tank)

History of the Tank
When I started my planted tank hobby, my 4yo daughter wanted a goldfish.. so my wife and I bought a goldfish bowl for her. Yes, a bowl. Little that I know goldfish are not meant to live in a bowl... upon googling more about goldfish, i decided to buy a 5.5g tank. The goldfish, named "Dorothy" by my kid (inspired by Elmo's goldfish of course), was a juvie back then so I thought a 5.5g shoud be enough.

Anyways, the tank is also OceanFree with curvy edges at the front, like my 10g. We put some white pebbles in there, plus decos. Plastic plants all around.

I do 60-70%WC every week, but still it is not enough to ensure the quality of the water.. sure enough, a goldfish waste is overwhelming lol.. Anyway, I decided to get rid of the pebbles, and setup a paludrium instead. I have a small java fern in the water, and POTHOS!!!.

The tank current condition
Excuse the orangy water color - the ryukin is under treatment for some sort of parasitic/fungi

Top view

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