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Originally Posted by airangel View Post
Watching with interest to see how you end up decorating, I'm looking for new ideas, lol. My Flora came a few days ago and I just finished adding silicone to the backing and plastic back pieces. My plants have been shipped. I should be using this time to soak the 2 bags of stratum and driftwood. Is that one of those 10w preset heaters you're using? I'm debating what to do in mine, have a 10w Marina I just picked up but reveiws are horrid on those presets...such decisions. Will keep checking back to see your progress.
Yea the stratum's really dusty, I didn't know and just gave it a quick wash.....3 water changes later I could finally see the back of the tank.

The heater's been relatively good, and the tank has been at a stable 77F, although it did take a while to actually heat up. It was in a tiny bowl before (maybe 3g?) that I used to store some extra plants.
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