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Jasmine's low tech planted goldfish tank!

Hello All!
This is my first journal, i have been keeping goldfish for about four years now and i absolutely love them!
At the moment i have two fancy goldfish, they started out living in a 29 gallon tank after about three years i decided that they have come close to out growing their tank, so i bought them a fifty five gallon tank.

They love it!

But then i got hooked on plants and i just had make their tank planted! Hopefully it will reduce my water changes and provide a more healthy environment for them!

So after modifying my hood for my new light and going through the motions of setting up a dirt tank i have created this...

55 gallon tank
Solarmax HE 2 bulb light fixture (2 10k t5no bulbs)
Miracle grow organic choice potting mix capped with pool filter sand
1 whisper ex 70
1 whisper ex 45 (both with homemade filter pads and purigen)
jager 150 heater

Ludwigia Repens
Cryptocoryne Crispatula var. Balansae
Red jungle Val
Corkscrew val
Amazon sword
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
Water sprite
Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
Dwarf Sag

Two fancy goldfish
Two albino cories
Pond snail
Nerite snail
Ramshorn snail

If i left anything out that you would like to know just say so!
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