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Originally Posted by FlyingShawn View Post
Just to clarify, do you think Fenb is just that dangerous that is should be avoided or do you mean you used Flub dosing guides with Fenb by mistake (so you just have to be careful to keep them straight)?

I haven't had the opportunity to observe their poop due to my work schedule and not knowing what to look for. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll catch him in a breeder box, feed him, and keep a close eye on him. I'll let you know what I find.
To clarify, wkndracer (Mike) gave me the instructions for the flubendazole. I only had enough for half of the dosage recommended, but still used it. However, I made a horrible mistake and it was actually fenbendazole that I had on hand. (Messing up two little letters is a bad, bad thing.) Besides the mass posioning, I knew something was wrong just by the undissolved white mess in the tank:

From what I can gather is many of the fish swallowed the fenbendazole whole. Many of the dead fish had it in their digestive system. I found out in a disgusting manner, the link I gave in a prior post shows the half of a fish that I examined. Plus, you could see the lumps on the whole fish. Between eating it and it being in the water not dissolving, it really did a number on the tank. And after the inital loss of like 35 fish, they kept dying for days. I have used 0.1 grams in a 10 gallon to get rid of hydra in a shrimp only tank with success. But, as you can see in the above picture link, it didn't effect the shrimp despite it being everywhere. I can no longer recommend it for anything other than hydra in a shrimp only tank. And even then, I don't recommend it further.

As far as flubendazole, the stuff that Mike recommended, I have used it successfully to treat velvet and the fish did wonderfully. I wouldn't hestitate to use it in the future. It was a miracle drug as the stuff I brought for velvet wasn't safe for the rest of the tanks inhabitants including the plants.

I have used Jungle antiparasite medication (the tablet kind that foams) successfully for fish in the past, but it took a couple of treatments. It was really gross to see the worms that came out of the danios that were sick. I've heard it doesn't work for every parasite, though.

(Edit - I just saw your last post that you already checked the fish. You are a ninja! ) Definitely check the fish's poop if you can. If you ever see white stringy stuff, they are definitely sick with parasites. Now the tricky part is seeing good ol' poop and knowing this doesn't mean they aren't sick.

One more thing. Be careful not to mix medications and to give the fish time to recover before adding more medications and be sure to change the water between treatments. For example, you could treat the fish and they would be free of the parasites, but still have a sunken stomach and a little bloating This is also due to not getting the food they needed. Think of getting a bad cold. You are over the cough and snotty nose, but you are still needing more time to recover from the fatigue. I'd work with only one medication type at a time, wait at least a week or so after treatment. Feeding them, watching them closely and then go from there.

I like your tank and it's story by the way. Good luck on the fish. Please let us know what happens.

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