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Silver 25g (Pic warning)

Here's my 25g that I set up a few days ago. The substrate is MTS capped with black sand with some RootMedic thrown in for good measure. It also has an AquaClear 50 filter, 65w CoraLife light, 50w Stealth heater, and DIY CO2.

Unfortunately, all the plants came from my 55g emersed tank in their "help, we're suffocating!" stage, so it looks pretty bad. However, I did get some pretty good pics of the setup, so hopefully that will tide you over until the plants recover.

Substrate Base Layer - Play sand and mineralized topsoil mixed:

Now the sand. I didn't bother washing it; I just poured it straight out of the bag. And I forgot to wipe the dirt off the glass before I put in the sand. Oh, well.

Now the plants and the ferts. I opened two RootMedic capsules and poured out the balls, pushing them about 1/2" into the sand. I wasn't sure how to plant the bulbs, but I put them pointy-end down.

Now for some cool snail pics:

Thirsty, anyone?

Trumpet snails hitching a ride:

As always, comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome!
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