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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
-Jungle's Anti-Bacteria or Parasite medicated foods are really low on my list but hey starve them long enough and fish will eat wet cardboard LOL
That's exactly what I'm hoping: between the hunger and the garlic, it'll at least get something into their systems.

Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
I always try not to create a toxic soup with too many meds. at once. Clean water and good O2 is important having it's consideration in treatments too
That was exactly my concern when I was asking what to combine vs dose individually. I figure the tablets can't make too much of a soup on their own and Charlie's instructions for the Flub start with "Change out as much water as you can before treatment," so I figure most of what the tablets add will be removed then.

If I begin to get concerned about the O2 levels, I can hook up an pump to the air lines/stones I ran under the substrate when setting up the tank (when it takes this long to set up a tank, you have a lot of time to plan ahead for this sort of contingency!)

BTW, thought you might like to see the tank as a whole. I picked out the Noah's Ark decoration for our first family tank when I was 5 and have displayed it in my main tank ever since (22 years!), so I decided to make it the centerpiece of the new tank's scape and title it "Mount Ararat" (sorry about it looking so bright, I was running out the door when I took the pic and didn't turn the exposure down far enough):
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