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Originally Posted by dragonsong93
Planned inhabitants are lots of CRS and some CBS mixed in. Is it safe to ship these guys to PA in December? No pet stores around here have them so I have to order online.
Yes it is safe to have them shipped as long as the person you're buying them from knows what they are doing. Make sure they insulate the box and provide a 72 hour heat pack. Make sure to ask questions from the seller, if they aren't answering them I would suggest switching to someone on here.

Excel will work much better on the HC if you inject it directly into the substrate instead of dumping it into the water column. I recently ordered a 9" needle and syringe combo to do the trick. I'll be uploading some photos tomorrow if you'd like to see what they look like!

Originally Posted by dragonsong93
Hoping to fill the middle area with some medium sized plants, not sure what species (open for suggestions ), but ones that will make the transition from short to tall plants less drastic.
When the DW is done soaking you should lay that out first. Generally it will provide a good transition from your carpet plant to taller plants (unless you just stick the DW straight into the tank vertically haha). But if you can arrange the DW first it might be easier to help you with plant ideas. I would recommend not making a trip to the LFS for plants until you plan the scape with the DW. But you seem to be a little sick of DW :P

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