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Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
I strongly, strongly, strongly (I can't emphasize this enough) recommend against fenbendazole. I killed at least 43 fish using half the dosage recommended by wkndracer. I had mistaken flubendazole for the same as fenbendazole. You can see the damage here (Suga Shack - 55 gallon - Where is my algae hiding? :( (56K)), how it doesn't disolve and also if you continue reading (back up a few pages for the beginning of the deaths), you'll see that it happened within hours and the deaths didn't stop for days. I lost almost everyone of my fish due to using this.

To the OP, that does look at lot like internal parasites, but the sunken stomach makes me worried that it's TB. Not to be gross, but how is their poop? Is it white and stringy (a good sign of pests) or is it normal looking?
Just to clarify, do you think Fenb is just that dangerous that is should be avoided or do you mean you used Flub dosing guides with Fenb by mistake (so you just have to be careful to keep them straight)?

I haven't had the opportunity to observe their poop due to my work schedule and not knowing what to look for. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll catch him in a breeder box, feed him, and keep a close eye on him. I'll let you know what I find.

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