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Fluval Ebi! Updates 6/26

Current FTS:

Loads of CRS & CBS

Mini marimo moss balls
Dwarf baby tears
Anubias nana mini
Saggitaria Chilensis
Some moss,
And a couple other odd plants that made their way in here


After lots of tanks with just rocks & driftwood I'm going to try and attempt to actually have a planted tank (hornwort randomly floating around a tank doesn't count xD) and my fluval ebi came on Tuesday and I spent the rest of the day filling it with water....JEEZ! Is that stratum really DUSTY or is it just me?! Took forever to clear up and then I went and planted and messed it up again!

It's horribly bare atm, all I have is some frogbit, HC and 4 little moss balls, but I have some anubias coming in the mail and hopefully there's a trip to the store this weekend for some more plants! Plus I have a bucket of driftwood soaking for later.

Planned inhabitants are lots of CRS and some CBS mixed in. Is it safe to ship these guys to PA in December? No pet stores around here have them so I have to order online. are the pix. I can't wait to get more green and turn it into an underwater forest

The plan so far is to have the HC completely carpet the front and then the anubias in between the two rocks, with a background of some seaweed-like plant, any suggestions? One or two pieces of driftwood might also end up in here, they're pretty small too.

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