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Well, despite just saying that the tank wasn't picture ready I decided to take a picture anyways. Excuse the floating rotala....I haven't felt like replanting it, lol.

The tank is fully stocked now:
3 Pearl Gouramis
2 Blue Rams
16 Orange Von Rio Tetras (I didnt plan on having quite that many. I was up to ten and when I went to the LFS to get a couple more they only had 6 von rios left in stock. They were in a tank with blue crays, and their fins were all tore up so I had to bring them all home, lol.)
9 Sterbai Cories
1 Longfinned L144 pleco
4 Amano Shrimp
1 Spotted Nerite
1 Olive Nerite
1 Horned Nerite

I'm having trouble with my vals. When I got them, they had been trimmed and the tips keep turning brown and rotting away. I've tried trimming off the brown, but then more comes back and I've tried just leaving them alone but the brown just keeps coming. I'm also getting algae on the tops where they are directly under the light. I"m not sure what to do with them.

My stems need trimmed and arranged a bit better and my crypt wendtii brown needs those long leaves trimmed. I seem to have a fear of trimming though, lol. And sadly my ludwigia is losing all the pretty red it had when I got it.

It's definitely a work in progress.
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