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Originally Posted by FlyingShawn View Post
Reading through your posts in that quarantine thread, I saw you suggested the possible use of an HP treatment for bacteria/parasites. Do you think that'd be worth trying in the meantime while I wait for the meds you recommended to arrive?
H2O2 works for external issues only to my knowledge from reading threads on TAFF II and the linked study threads included in Garrett's posts on that site. Safe concentrations / ratio data varies not just by fish species but by users reporting to use it so caution going forward with that. After my desperate acts using it I read all that I could find on the topic. (still will use it again too)
Found that Otto's don't tolerate it well either.

Salt baths are also an external option and can help with gill related parasites.

Kanamyacin is reported (idk) to be about the only thing to help with TB being a strong antibiotic.

Angels Plus sells medicated food that contains it.

also most things are available here (watch price LOL);

fyi lots of stuff has a shelf life along with being expensive so research that too stocking a war chest.

good luck OP

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