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20L dirt tank - Update 12-20-11 post #8

I am finally getting around to setting up my 20L so journal time!

Here is a link to another thread trying to get some feedback but the Aquascaping subforum gets no love I guess.

The Finnex in my sig was sacrificed in order for this tank to happen so goodbye to that tank. I had my reasons for wanting it to disappear anyways so on with that.

Pics of the initial layout(s). I'm not firm on one or the other but have to make my decision so I can start to flood it some to get the dirt working. I am using a mix of organic soil from the evil blue box store and Scott's topsoil. The cap is new to me as well, Zeobrite Zeolite.

Layout 1

Layout 2

The top of the tank is derimmed as you can see by the pics. I am going to see if the natural light throughout the day will do for this but I can supplement the light if I see things are not working out. The side of the house is on the west sort of so it does not get direct light until later in the afternoon but there is light throughout the day albeit diffused. If I can get away without having to supplement the natural light then bonus.

No idea what I will stock it with but flora I can say there will be moss tied to the branches making it look like a tree. I want to use either staurogene or java ferns around the base. I do have anubias nana petite that will eventually make home along the middle trunk of the wood and other random areas. Not knowing how the light will play into this I will say this would be low maintenance plants perhaps medium light will work as well. No plans for C02, can't afford it much as I would like to.

I have my ZM 501 I can use to get filtration for now. If I plant heavily enough then perhaps I can skip the canister and go with a simple powerhead/foam filter set up with another powerhead across the tank to provide water flow or I can just keep the ZM with the basic sponge filter and fill the other side with floss to keep the water extra clean and provide movement with the lily pipe. I would still go with the powerhead/filter as supplemental.

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