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Not related to the previous post, but I just had a look at the Cree XPG lifespan documents (they have so far actually completed over 10000 hours of actual testing), and the XPG series holds up quite a lot better than previous ones.. At 55C case and 55C ambient (ambient is actually very important to lifespan), at 1A current at 6000h the LED still produced 100% of output. The L70 life (down to 70% brightness) at 85C/85C/1A is estimated at over 60000 hours.

I don't know about you guys, but I expect that I'll replace my emitters in under 5 years - think about it, in 5 years there will be some REALLY amazing stuff on the market, probably with spectra specifically designed to make plants grow like algae and the colors of our fish melt our eyes.

See page 14
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