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I think one of my advantages with this aquarium is that I work from home (I'm an artist), so the tank gets a lot of attention. It's right next to my painting table and I can address any problems very quickly.

Originally Posted by fusiongt View Post
Have you thought about what kind of fish you'll be adding? I mentioned how I thought the red looked good - maybe some kind of small red fish? =)
I do love Chili rasboras as suggested...but I already have a school of 11 in my other tank. They are just stunning in person.

Right now I'm still deciding whether to make this a shrimp only tank or not. Either way I plan on including OEBT or nice CRS/CBS.

If I do add fish, I'm thinking of either celestial pearls, gertrudae rainbows (not sure if this is enough space for them), or maybe even gardeneri killifish. I also love hastatus cories. Can never go wrong with cardinals either. Opinions?
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