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Originally Posted by defiesexistence View Post
Plants can't convert nitrates back to ammonia. There's a 'bio bug' that does ammonification, converting it into ammonia, and water-soluble ammonium salts or so I read quickly from this: After reading an article on the decomposition of, well, dead people, I would have to guess and say bacs convert most forms of nitrogen faster than plants... But, my logic is not guided by understanding, but deduction. I just know the basics of the nitrogen cycle. I'm not trying to correct you, at all! but learn with you. Probably just an idiot's ramblings.

Anyhow. Perhaps you might be interested in the massive colony of bac on the MattenFilter: It's kind of like a sump, inside the tank. No reason you couldn't just have this be in your sump too. You could grow your terrestrial plants on that aquaponically, and submersed, any aquatic rhizome plants can grow on the filter below the water line.

Can we have a close-up of your sump?

Plant roots have a symbiotic relationship with both the nitrifying and denitrifying bacs which they foster on and around their "rhizoplane". They could not consume much of anything without root bacs. When I say the plants convert nitrite or nitrate backwards I mean with bacterial help, like when people digest stuff... our digestion wouldn't work without bacteria and fungi which we foster in our gut and which do some of the chemical work for us/with us.

I'll try to get a good shot of my "sump", or I'll just post a pic of a Hydro Sponge. That's all it is. (best thing ever). It amounts to a matten filter because it has a very large area of foam rubber with pore structure superior to (arguably) poret foam. It has amazing colony area, and once it gets a bit dirty and sticky it polishes the water micron style. Just squeeze it out once in a while. Never clogs. Holds a TON of filth.

So, do you think the bacs keeping the plants hungry of macros would invite algae or other problems? How do people do this? Balance bacs and plants I mean.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

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