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Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.

I totally agree about the wood, especially for structural reasons...the fissidens is getting heavier haha. The stauro is placed at the base so that the roots grow around and secure the branches. Finding the perfect piece of manzanita or something similar is definitely "on the list".

As for additional plants, I plan on it...just not sure what yet. I saw an incredible competition tank online a while back that had the look of an overgrown meadow - in a good way. I was going to aim for this direction but I'm open to some mid ground plants. I had 2 crowns of downoi early on that didn't make it...but this might be due to them arriving earlier than expected and being stuck in the low light edge for almost a week.

Bahugo hooked me up with the HC which was emersed grown. I didn't have the patience for a dry start so I just went for it and it transitioned to submersed life without issue. A little algae here and there but the growth outpaces any damage.

Fert/light cycle: Pfertz npk + m (4 bottles) dosed per directions (1 pump of each every other day, 2 pumps after weekly WC). Oh, and I also have some pfertz root tabs in there.

Light cycle is usually around 9-10 hours per day. I start CO2 30 min before the lights come on and run it at 1.5-2 bps. I turn it off at night.

The window faces SW and only gets an hour or so of direct light in the afternoon that is dappled through the trees out my window. It doesn't seem to effect the tank. I had my Edge in the same spot for months without fact plants would pearl like crazy during that hour.

Thanks again for the suggestions!
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