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We struggled for a long time to find good foam to use for filters. Everything has either been too coarse, too "mushy", too loaded with chemicals. So we had some made.

This foam is made specifically for aquarium use, and specifically to our specifications. You won't find foam like this anywhere else at this kind of price.

This isn't like the stuff you get at Wal-mart or Petco. It's firm, retains it's shape, and doesn't clog easily. It can be easily cut to size and shape.

You can use it to replace the filter cartridges in HOB filters. You can use it to make prefilters that are totally shrimp and fry safe. You can use it to replace media in your canister filter. You can use it to make Hamburg Mattenfilters ( You can use it to make tank dividers that double as filters.

Very durable. It should last years. Just clean it off with a suction hose or "squish" it out like you would a sponge when and if it gets clogged. You'll save a fortune replacing filter cartridges with this stuff.

Available in 2" and 4" thick sheets. It's a very dark grey, maybe actually black. 30 PPI reticulated foam.

Common sizes and pricing:

4"x4"x12" $12 This is good for 3-4 normal sized prefilters or sponge filters. Or 1 long one.

2"x12"x12" $10 This is perfect for making an HMF or divider for any 12" wide tank (10g, 20g, 30g). $10 per square foot.

Custom sizes available up to 58"x48". Contact us for pricing on other sizes and for shipping quotes. Shipping is almost always $6 unless you need large sheets.

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