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5 way splitter

i am skeptical about this 5 way splitter. of course when you put all 5 lines into the same tank it will work but what happens when you put each of the five lines into different tanks with different water pressures? for example, five 10 gallon tanks with different water levels. how will the splitter evenly split? or how will the splitter compensate for the high pressure tank with more water? another example, if you have two 10 gallon tanks that is set up on a double stand (one higher thank the other) but with the same water level. althought it has same water level, one is now higher off the floor and now have different pressures. i've been eyeing and want a splitter but i also understand the pressure part. oh, and i'm thinking at low rate because i'm pretty sure if i blast the thing i'm sure all line will work all the examples. if yall can anwser these questions it would help. i know others have the same or similar questions. thanks.
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