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Cholla 55g

This is my 55g named after its hardscape, cholla wood. AFAIK, no one else on here is using cholla wood as their main hardscape, so this is sort of an experiment. The tank is going to be emersed until I can save up the money for a pressurized CO2 system or figure out a CO2 substitute. I have some cool plants in here, so hopefully I will be able to sell some of them to help with the CO2 fund.

Hardscape shot:

The cholla wood started to grow some mold/fungus a few days ago. Hopefully it won't spread to the plants.

FTS with plants from GordonRichards:

Notice how stained the water is, even though only a very small amount of wood is submerged.

Sideways shots (sorry for the weird angle; I was trying to show the plant layout). Right side:

Left side:

This is in my bedroom, and the bright light from the tank irritates my eyes and gives me a headache, so I put some felt over the top of the light to cut down on glare. It works very well.

Plant list:
DHG Belem
Anubias Barterii
Anubias Nana
Crypt. Wendtii Brown
Crypt. Wendtii Bronze
Grandifolius Sword
Uruguayensis Sword
Ozelot Sword
Tiger Lotus Green (Bulbs)
Tiger Lotus Red (Bulbs)
Anubias nana Petite
Crypt. Balansae
Crypt. Lutea
Crypt. Pontderiifolia
Crypt. Parva

Are any of these going to have problems growing emersed?

Substrate is MTS with some dry ferts added and capped with pool filter sand. I opened some RootMedic complete capsules and sprinkled them around the substrate to provide the plants with some quick-release nutrients while they are adjusting to the tank.

Hagen GLO T5HO 2 x 54w light
Marineland Stealth (original, not Pro) 200w heater (currently unused)
Spray bottle
Saran wrap on top to keep moisture in (will be replaced by plexiglass eventually)
... that's it. Very simple setup.

I will try my best to keep this journal updated, maybe once a week or so. Feel free to send me a reprimanding PM if I'm late. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated, especially regarding aquascaping.

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