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Noticed my water had a lot of particles in it. I used to run siphon filters which took care of this kind of thing. For this tank I switched to an overflow filter. Now I know why people run a backup power or canister filter on goldfish tanks with overflows. Only surface water gets filtered otherwise. many particles resist the surface and remain in the lower level of the water column. I added a siphon from my tank (in addition to the overflow) to remedy this. The intake is near the surface and siphons directly into the overflow box to limit leakage in case of pump failure. I would only loose a gallon before the siphon would break. My overflow box has about an eighth of an inch of head water.

Still have only mini twister vals and an unidentified stem plant which I found in a ditch. The minis are sending up shoots. The fish don't touch them.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

Farming Algae

Goldfish are among the worst fish for beginners.
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