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Here are some "updates". It isn't really an update, I just switch out the ground cover from DHG to what I believe is Japanese Hair Grass, not really sure what it is but it looks very similar. It is much shorter and should fit the hard scape better. It is sending out runners like crazy but they are extremely short and very hard to capture in pictures. It has adapted to emersed growth quickly so I hope it starts to fill in.

I am only waiting to fill until it has a strong root system to try to maintain my slopes. However, I have not decided on stocking and can't really afford what I want so I may wait to fill for awhile.

I am thinking about ditching my 29 gallon. If I do so, I may try to move the tank to where it sits (same footprint so all my lights and stand will work perfectly). If so, it will become a high tech tank. If anyone has suggestions on how to move it, I would love to hear them. It is only 20 ft away but I would rather not redo the rocks. It seems a bit to heavy to move on it's own, especially since I derimmed the top. I am guessing it is at least 100lbs with the rock and substrate.


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