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Originally Posted by Cheryl in Nampa View Post
I really do not know what kind of fish is best for a 20 gal. Plant tank. What I am hoping for is more of a plant garden and just a few fish. I am thinking of rainbow and/or swordtails.

Someone told me I should not put catfish in that tank, but I feel it should be ok with Cory cats. But I donít really know.

I love working in my flower beds and veggie garden in the spring/summer. And I do enjoy my fish tanks, so Iím hoping with some help from people that have worked with water plants and fish can help me do this right.

Cheryl in Nampa
Hi Cheryl!

If you add male and female swordtails keep in mind you will probably have to catch babies eventually and it isn't always easy in a planted tank.

As others have said your tank needs to cycle before adding any fish. You wont know if its cycled if you don't test it and watch the cycling so you know when it has finished.

What kind of substrate did you use? Are you going to use co2? Which lighting did you buy?

We have a local aquarium club where a lot of the members keep planted tanks. You are welcome to join us at

click the link that says TVAC Forum and register to join us in the forum.

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