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Funny you should mention surface skimmers. I am researching how best to go about this very thing. I notice these Tom's and Fluval and Aquaclear units all look pretty-much the same except for packaging and minor things like attachments. My 40b has an FX5 on it with 1" intake hose. I don't want to choke it back at all, so I was thinking that maybe if I got two of these things that there would be enough flow out of both of them into a PVC wye then into the canister hose, it would be enough. Any advice?

I am looking at: 260829311908 on e-bay X2


BTW - I tried that upside down soda bottle trick. Helpful hint: Don't use a Maxi-Jet 1200!!! That thing almost pulled the silicone out of the corners!!!
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