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Thanks all,

Very nice. What kind of camera were those amazing pics taken with?
I used a nikon D300 with 50/ 1.4 or 105/2.8 lense.

I got two new bulbs today. 8000k and 6700k to replace the 10000k I had. I started with the 6700k and the colors were awesome. I wouldn't even try the 8000k. I heared a lot of people complaining about how much yellow it look. To be honest, it looks much more closer to mid-day sun light to my eyes, and make the greens and reds look much better and more vivid. I will let it burn in for a week or so, then will see if turns more yellow. I will try to post picture may be tomorrow.

Also, I notice a bit more bubbling from the plants with thw 6700k than with the 10000K. May be it puts more energy because it is newer but the the 10000k is +4wks old.
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