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Need help with new Plant Tank

Hi all, I live in Nampa, we have a 50 gal and 29 gal with mollies, tetras, barbs, cory cats, platies and even a guppy. We just got a 20 gal, kit at Pet smart we had to get the lighting for live plants.

This is the first time we have tried live plants so we thought it would be best to have a tank to learn with. We did buy some plants 1. White Ribbon, 1 Onion Plant, 1 Windelow Java Fernand 1 Narrow Leaf Java Fern. We set up the tank today and now waiting for the temp. to rise to 78 to 80.

Now I need to know if we are doing this correct, and when will the tank be ready to add some fish and what kind is best for the little tank.

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