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I briefly experimented with various floating plants, but decided to get rid of them due to conflicts with the overflow and surface film problems. That and they ultimately proved to conflict with my philosophy. Whatever plants I end up with, they will be easy. After about ten days, the mini twisters are starting to send out runners and new plantlets. The fish are not touching them. I think they taste bad.

My plan is to plant heavy fast growers to consume the nitrate produced by the filter bacs. Another approach would be to use only plants, no filter bacteria. I won't go this route because plants grow in spurts and may lag in their ammonia uptake creating a spike. Ammonia is more toxic than nitrate, so, to my thinking, it is better to convert to nitrate then let the plants convert that. This only works in an anaerobic substrate like mine where root rhizosperes can denitrify the nitrate back to ammonia and consume it.The only low light fast grower I know of which goldfish don't eat is vals, so I will use them. I may also plant something they do eat, but plant so much that they cannot keep up with the growth. It would be great for their health and make the tank more interesting looking. If it works I will call it "Trick No. 2" (Trick No. 1 being Sand to keep the poo out of the substrate and a good filter). I think that tons of good tasting, fast growing fodder plants ("salad") may even protect other plants they might otherwise eat, allowing me to plant whatever I like.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

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