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Nov 22/11

I added a cheap 64 watt shop light and two cross braces to prevent it from falling in. I built an overflow (visible in the pic) into the tank which drains into a 5 gallon bucket which sits beside the tank. I call it a "sump" though a sump is, by definition, below not beside a tank. I may move it into the stand someday, but for now I like to see it easily. The sump contains my filter, a large, fully cycled "Hydro Sponge". I consider it the best and simplest filter on earth and will gladly rant and rave about it if you give me an opportunity. If I leave the filter for one month it is packed with mud but still flows well. The bucket also contains some water rooted terrestrial plants which will uptake any excess ammonia the soil may produce. They are temporary.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

Farming Algae

Goldfish are among the worst fish for beginners.
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