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70 gallon dirt goldfish tank

This is a journal of my first planted tank. I hope it is of interest to someone someday. I think it may be somewhat unorthodox, particularly where filtration is concerned. The filtration, and the tank as a whole is my best effort to achieve the best functionality with the simplest means. I believe that the easiest way to achieve something is the best way. It is my philosophy. It is a goldfish tank, so I have no illusions of creating a beautifully scaped piece of art. The plants are firstly functional. They are there to minimize water changes.

First I found a used 70 gallon tank for $100 (48x16x24x10mm glass). It was old and scratched. I took it apart and glued it back together with SCS 1200. I figure it should be good for another ten years or so, now.

Next I built a stand from an old dresser and put the tank on it.

Then I made a mineralized top soil following Aaron Talbot's sticky thread. Specifically: .75 inches of MTS/ .25 inches of crushed coral/ .5 inches of sand/ .5 inches of Fluorite Black Sand

Here's the tank at the beginning of November.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

Farming Algae

Goldfish are among the worst fish for beginners.
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