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Originally Posted by ghotifish View Post
Wowsa! That tank is gorgeous! I'm so impressed that you are able to do all that without CO2. Everything looks so healthy. What's your secret???
Thanks, yea I'm still debating whether or not to get CO2. I've had it in the past on larger tanks and it really does give the kick in the pants needed to get the plants to grow like crazy. Right now I'm just dosing once a week with Excel (just like 1 thread on the cap, very little) and the plants do grow but not as rapidly which is kind of a good thing because it's a lot less maintenance (trimming small amounts weekly or bi-weekly). The ADA substrate Amazonia really helps and I don't have any hard to grow plants in there (I don't think). Ground cover plants that you want to spread out throughout the bottom will definitely need CO2 which is why I avoided it. I also do very small water changes every 1 or 2 days (like a 16 oz cup full) because it's right next to my kitchen sink.

Originally Posted by gnod View Post
really liking the set up.
what brand tank is it and what's the plant in the left front corner?
Thanks! For the left corner plant, I am pretty sure it's Blyxa japonica (but not 100% as I forgot to write it down after I purchased it years ago).

Edit - The tank is 10.5 gallon rimless glass by "Huey Hung Miracle Baby". I like the tank a lot, it's held up 3 transfers where I didn't completely take out all the substrate/water/fish. It comes with removable plastic sides and a glass top as well (seen in the first post, first image). I couldn't find the tank on the companies website though; I bought it from my LFS Albany Aquarium ( and I imagine they could ship one if you contact them. The tanks are really affordable compared to ADA stuff and I think the quality is really nice - they come in a few sizes but I forget the exact gallon sizes... Mine is 10.5 gallon and they have one less than that and one that is more.

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