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Originally Posted by looking4roselines View Post
Great Job on the c uenoi dude. It wasn't too long ago since you got the plant. I'm glad they're happy and well taken care of. A lot of people shy away from new crypts thinking that they're hard to grow because of the lack of info. In my opinion, they are just as easy as most of the ones that are already saturated in the hobby.
Thanks... I agree with you. Caring for rare crypts are the same as the less rare crypts. I enjoyed the rare crypts more because the colors and characteristics are different and awesome. I also think people can't justify spending big $$$ for a plant.

I read in Jan's crypt pages that c ferruginea cannot be grown in the long run. I got a few specimen grown submerged and I witnessed colors and patterns that I will never see in a emerged specimen. I have Frank testing a specimen for me submerged as well in a typical mts setting. So far so good.
That is interesting... I would love to hear and see the result. If you need help on experimenting of growing any crypts submerged. I will gladly help you out.
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