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I couldn't take pictures of the fish in the tank. They were moving too fast for my camera phone.

The tank is still cloudy, I am hoping it would clear within the next week. If not, I might have to do a 30%-40% water change.

I also got a couple of specimens from Nick of bocopa japan and erio type 2... going to see if they will survive.

C. Nurii Pahang Mutated

C. Uenoi - I have one baby on the right.

C. Keei - Two babies on the left and right.

Super Red Rubin Lidwigia - It has doubled since I got them 4 weeks ago.

L. Pantanal - Just got them this week from Joraan

C. Nurii 'Rompin' - I love this plant...

Downoi - I was able to split the plant... so I got 3 crowns!

C. Hudoroi - I got this two weeks ago... extremely slow grower!

Hyptis Lorentziana - Just got this week from Joraan

C. Cordata KR01 - They are growing at a good pace but they need to make babies!

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