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my 16 gal lee mar low tech tank

This is my 16 gal tank, home to cherry shrimps, plecos, cordyoras and some spixi snails. Crypt parva for foreground, bolbitis and java fern in the back with some moss floating here and there.

I'm using an 14-LED fixture in its lowest setting... I cranked it up for the picture.

IMG_20111114_190417.jpg by reybie, on Flickr

IMG_20111114_190402.jpg by reybie, on Flickr

I've set it up many different ways before. I will have to check if I have pics of my other failed attempts LOL.


This was an attempt at iwagumi style scape. This didn't last very long, the rocks were leaching silicates and it made a brown diatom mess in the tank. Excuse the crappy cell pics.

IMG00288.jpg by reybie, on Flickr

IMG00290.jpg by reybie, on Flickr

IMG00292.jpg by reybie, on Flickr

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