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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
The amount of manure on a field in part is based on economics of supply & labor and not necessarily volume. Also, this poop is mixed in with with the other substrate components vs just being spread.

That in exactly why I set this up. That advice is a good on a very general basis. It's based on concerned that dog poop from a dog with intestinal worms could pass that to humans IF that poop isn't cooked in a hot compose pile.

Since I am starting with dogs that are clear of worms that part is a non issue.

Animal poop is a natural part of soil.

Life's to short not to have fun, too bad we need to get grey before we realize that.

Funny thing once I added the aquarium water to the soil (before the cap) it smelled more like the the trash can at Starbuck than a a kennel.

Lol. Trash can at Starbucks.

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