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20 and 10 gallon planted tank

i have been in to the hobby for over 3 months now. i am still a NOOB.
i got into the hobby because i was bored and i came across a Betta so i was like OK let me get a Betta and from that single fish new doors open and new knowledge and nights of research came. there are even nights where i don't even play on my ps3 or watching TV coz i am busy watching my tanks to see the progress and eventually after everything settles in i get a little relax.

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this is my 10 gallon CRYSTAL RED SHRIMP planted tank

lights: its a 23watts i think its 4500k or 5000k CFL that i bought from walmart its like 8-10inch away from the top of the tank. i put some foil behind the light to make it even brighter
filter: tetra whisper ex20 with sponge attach to it so if ever i have shrimp-lets it wont get suck in
heater: i got this heater for free together with the 20 gallon that i bought and it has a setting of 62-70-76-80 on it and its an old heater but it still works
* i have an air filter attach to a 3" round air stone and a black background
substrate: i bag of Eco complete
plants: dwarf hair grass (that i am trying to carpet the front), water wisteria, anacharis, some plant that i bought in petco in those tube thingy, vallisneria (don't know which one it is), and a moss ball that i cut in half
dosing the plants with seachem flourish and api leaf zone once a week

occupants: 15+2 i think juvenile CRS that i bought from TANINER. Before theyre in this tank, they were in a 5 gallon hex and 4 of them died so now i have 12 juvie CRS so i decided to buy a 20 gallon and move the fish from here to the 20g. they look like they are happy in here no sign of them dying or stressed and i havent check the water parameter in awhile but boy do they get big fast.
i feed them fish flakes. i tried putting in some algae wafer and shrimp pellets for bottom feeder and crab bites but they never touch it.
temperature is 78-80F i dont know how to bring down the temperature.

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20 gallon high

bought this on craigslist for $45 including the filter, lights which is an old one and a hood and a heater which is in the 10g

lights: i think its a single strip t8, but i dont know how many watts. the light is color blue or something as you can tell from the picture
filter: 10-20 gallon aqua-tech i think he bought it from walmart. it was missing a biofilter so i bought hagen aquaclear activated carbon insert and hagen aquaclear ammonia remover inserts and duetto multi filter biological filter and they fit inside the filter and i have the old filter coz this is a new tank and havent cycled yet
heater: tetra submersible aquarium heaters for a 20g
substrate: seachem flourite 2 bags ( had a hard time cleaning coz it was really muddy. the water is like chocolate so i suggest wash it really good.
plants: dwarf hair grass (trying to make a carpet on the left side of the tank, water wisteria, vallisneria, and an onion plant idk what kind, the plant that i bought from petco in those tube thingy( before i only have 3 of this but now i have like 6 and still growing very slow)
driftwood: i dont know if you can consider that a driftwood but its zoo med mopani wood which i think is still tanning even though i already dip it under hot water but it look really nice as a center piece
1 male king betta( plakat)

1 long fin danio
4 neon tetra( one of them only has 1 eye dunno what happen i thought hes gonna die but looks like he survived)
3 albino cory,
4 ghost shrimp out of 15 that i have in the 5 gallon hex before CRS arrived and i thought theyre not gonna make anymore babies but one of them is pregnant i was shocked last night

thanks for looking. feel free to comment i will be posting pictures of the occupants later on tonight

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