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Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
Looks really nice.

What did you use to hang the light fixture? What type of bulbs are you using?
Hey Ken,

Lucky for me, hanging was pretty straight forward because I live in a 120 year old factory that was converted into apartments. So, I spent $5 on some clips for drop ceiling frames and 10 feet of black chain at Lowes. I shot this with the flash so you could see it clearly, but in reality it's toned way down in the room and you don't notice it so much. Eventually I'll get around to splicing the wiring together and removing the plug on the end of that extension cord and tidy it up a bit. It's all thrown together really. I didn't want to commit to it until I was sure the plants would like it. So far I'm very happy, and the plants seem to be too... Bulbs are "4 for $6" bulk no brands from Lowes. "Daylight" color temp, which I think is 5K if I remember correctly. Nothing fancy I assure you. I also dry dose ferts, and micros come from Flourish Comprehensive. I run pressurized CO2 through the end of a chopstick into the intake of an FX5 canister. It's a 40 gallon breeder.

Here's a pic:

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