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72 Gal Treescape Dry Start

After 3 months of planning things out I've decided to jump in and set up my new tank. I'd love to get some feedback to make sure I'm on the right track.

Firstly I reused a blend of 9 month old Amazonia 2 and 4 month old New Amazonia (purchased earlier) with a cap of brand new Amazonia. I hope that this will have enough nutrients for my current plants which are S. Repens, S. Porto Velho, dwarf sag, and some UG. If not, should I add OSMOCOTE tabs into the substrate?

I've also set a humidifier in the tank to maintain a humidity of over 90% at all times and added an airpump for air circulation. Both are timed to turn on for 30mins every 3 hours. My lights are on about 14hrs a day and I mist about twice a day to keep the slope moist.

Let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if I can change anything. So far all seems well. Also, if you have any other plant suggestions, that would be great! Iím planning on planting some HC on the island to the right.

And here are the specs of the setup so far:
72 Gallon Bowfront
2x Eheim 2217
1x Hydor 300watt heater
Tek Light 48" 4x 54watt
10lb co2 w/ Cerges reactor & Milwaukee PH controller

Driftwood (from Tom Barr)
Rocks (from PC1)

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