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Originally Posted by Newman View Post
a 21watt CFL is a 100W incandescent equivalent (usually) so I'd jsut use one of those...wont blow out your im worried that you're eventually going to lose the entire lamp if that keeps happening.

according to those links, SG of 1.024 and 1.025 is best.

what kind of phyto is it? phyto can't take being frozen or w/o light can it?
The lights are trippy. Even my other tank with the light raised with a 21w bulb will blow in about 3 months. There is nothing different and its just a lamp, a light, and a cord. Im baffled but glad to have home depot return policies lol.

I just dialed in my SG and its dead on 1.025. As for the phyto I actually read the label this time. Its phytofeast. I dont know if I would freeze it, just leave it in the fridge.

My amanos eggs are finally having black dots on them. Its about time! I noticed she hides more now and latley I been feeding her much more than before. I used to feed the tank 2x a I feed it every day.

I was thinking of isolating her in a breeding net but I dont really want to stress her out by catching her. I read somewhere that the easy way to catch them is to turn the lights off and then shine a flashlight at the surface. The zoes are attracted to light and then use a pipet to suck them out. Maybe I will do that.
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