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n00dl3's 180G Rare Crypts Collectoritis Journal - New Update 4-7-2013

Hi Everyone,

This is my first journal. Just rescaped today so I figured, I will start a journal to document the growth and development of the tank. I love low maintenance tanks because I do not have time to manicure and rescape every week.

Filter: 75 Gal Sump

Light: 2x 80 Watts T5, Finnex Rays 2 LED for 8 hours

Water Change: It is hooked up to my automatic water change system so it gets 8% water change per day.

Fert: Modified IE through my auto dosing system.

CO2 : Pressurized CO2 system, it goes on 1 hrs before the light is on and off 30 minutes before the light goes off.

Substrate: ECO Complete mixed ADA Aquasoil Amazonian

Fish: Few Ginga Rubra guppies, few cardina tetra, a few otos (started with 30 of them), a couple of cories.

Plants Updated 1-18-2013:
  • C. Uenoi
  • C. Keei 'Jambusan'
  • C. Keei 'Bau'
  • C. Nurii 'Rompin'
  • C. Bullosa 'Pakan'
  • C. Bullosa 'Sarakei'
  • C. Bullosa 'Bario'
  • C. Nurii Pahang Mutated
  • C. Kota Tingii
  • C. Auriculata Betong
  • C. Auriculata 'Tiger Stripe' Pakan
  • C. Cordata KR01
  • C. Hudoroi
  • C. zukalii
  • C. sp Bukit Ibam "Yellow Ring"
  • C. Cordata 'Rosanervig' with veins
  • C. Minima 'Gasser'
  • C. sp rompin
  • C. aponogetifolia
  • C. Affinis 'Red'
  • C. Purpurea
  • C. Ideii
  • Alternanthera sp. 'variegated'
  • Jumbo Trident Java Fern,
  • Taiwan Moss
  • Fissiden
  • Microsorum pteropus sp. 'red'

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