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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
Isn't the SQ series just the light sensor, so that you need a very good milivoltmeter to read it out?
let me get this right. the sensor reads @ 5umols per mV, so a multimeter that's capable of reading @ .1mv should give me accuracy of .5umols +/-(?)%, correct?

i mean is there some noise/variance that may change too fast for a multimeter readout to capture and display whereas a graphing meter would be necessary for even remote accuracy? or would it be pretty straight forward, plug and play as long as i could get it connected to a multimeter capable of 0.1mV readouts to give me a somewhat accurate readout @ .5umol increments?

if there's not something i'm missing, this may just be the "affordable" answer for the budget aware handy man with limited need and more limited access.

here's the conversion quotes from the online manual for the SQ series for reference...
All Apogee quantum sensor models have a standard calibration of exactly:
5.00 μmol m-2 s-1 per mV
their worked example...
sensor output * conversion factor = PPF
400 mV * 5.00 μmol m-2 s-1 per mV = 2,000 μmol m-2 s-1
i've got a multimeter or two lying around that are capable of such readings. even if not, there's always the possibility of picking one up. pretty sure i could get something in the $60 - $80 range... or is there a reason that may not be advisable when considering it's use in conjunction with the sensor? the meter certainly would get more use than the sensor in my house, that's for sure.

if there is any likely downside that you can think of, by all means let me know.
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