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Originally Posted by mach_six View Post
Just curious, what's optimal water parameters and how long before they started to breed?
Good luck!
Honestly, I dont know. I dont ever check my water parameters unless something is going on. But the tank is planted, co2 running, and 4 wpg. Things live in there, like a normal tank...Ph im guessing around 6.5, temp from 72-78 degrees...I add GH booster once a week. I havent seen these guys breed until latley....

Originally Posted by Newman View Post
What kind o parameters are you going to raise them in?
Not sure, just standard salt water, 33/34 ppm full salt water. Not cycled or anything, I havent read many people "who succeeded" that cycled the tank
Also a pic of your rearing tank wouldn't be boring at all, it coud show how its setup and what is in it (for example an air hose at least and the light)
Soon I will get a picture
The light is a 100W equivalent (CFL)?
Well the stupid bulb keeps burning out. I swear the tank is coverd, and the light just keeps going out. I keep going back to home depot to exchange it. But the 100w is the same as 43watts I think. It puts out around 1600 lumens. But I did put a 150 watt one that is the same as 63watts and 2800 lumens...that one broke lol. So now its standard 100 watt 43 watt equivalent for now, one blew out already....tomorrow the other will follow. I talked to home depot and showed them a picture of my setup, they said it SHOULD If anything ill get another brand.

You mentioned that you will be using 34ppt SW. Thats 1.026 SG right? you dont think that they will do better at slightly lower salinity? 1.026 is the upper range for reef lol.
I have read that most that do it with lower salinity actually dont have sucess and the only ones who has is the ones who did full salt content.

Also is there a reason why you will not be using a heater? I hear the zoea grow better at about long as food is available.
Well im lazy to put one in, lol. Since the light is going to be on 24/7 im guessing the water will sit around 74 degrees. Ill do more testing since the tank is setup already to see at what degree the water is sitting at.

Which brings me to the final question on what you will be feeding the zoea until they morph to shrimp?
I will be feeding them some pytoplankton. Its a bottle that has algae ready to grow. I got it in a bottle that has to be kept in the freezer. What I started doing was dosing it in the tank but I never really seen any difference. So I went on YOUTUBE and saw that reef guys were making pytoplankton reactors, which is just saltwater...a bottle, and a air hose with a light source. Then they just dose it and run it...the algae grows quite quickly. I dont run the light all day, just a normal light cycle.
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