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Ok I get the tank & filter 12-4-11, below is the rest of my list this far in no particular order.

This one is supposed to be only 1.75 inches tall and from 64 to 86 degrees.

I think the 4.4 pound bag will be enough substrate and this heater should slide into the filter or I'll hide it in the tank.

The light is fairly sleek and has 3 blue moon lights and 18 white for day and I have no idea at what end of the Kelvin scale, but it should do the trick and last 5 years.

I got some extra filter pads because they were cheap and all this stuff is coming from the same place so shipping is cheap and I decided on this inlet strainer/sponge because it should allow the filter to work unrestricted and it was only $1.05, so....

Now I just need water, I've got the plants in another tank, and I need to buy a few Fire Red Cherry's, I think that's what they are called. If you see anything missing or any problems let me know, thank you.

Oh, I think it's just a standard 2.5 and I was thinking of a deriming then painting the back flat black or a black adhesive background and this is the filter. What beast and rated for tanks up to 3 gallons with such extreme disregard to extra half gallon of filter capacity I can hardly contain myself.

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