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Just went through and trimmed the rotala. I also cut back the front of the wisteria as it was encroaching too far forward for my tastes. The parrots feather is going to be needing a trim in a week or so.
I think that this scape will be almost done in about a month. I'm excited.
Went to the only fish store around that carries some more exciting species. Had lots of cool fish.
My friend was sad about my other guppy dying so she bought me a new one. And he has ot be the most stunning guppy I have ever seen. His tail is covered in perfectly spaced even dots in black. His front is bright lime green. His back is super royal blue. His top fin pure white. And the colours on his tail. They fade from purple to blue to yellow to red to green. He looks like a rainbow. I'm super excited.
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