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After a big of research it seems like Dwarf Hair Grass may grow to high. It seems like you can trim it down but will that keep it low for any good period of time? Or am I going to be constantly going to be constantly trimming? I have never used this plant so I have no experience.

I have some very short grass I do not know what it is called but seems to max out at about 1 in. It is lighter in color but otherwise a similar plant, very thin grass like plant. I also have a ton of E. tenellus from another tank. Again, it is also lighter in color. I doubt it will get much red coloring, if any, under this light and no co2, not sure if I would like that or not.

I really like the color of the DHG but I don't want something that is going to "out grow" the hard scape, or require constant trimming to the point it becomes hard to maintain the scape.

Any opinions?
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