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I managed to get 3 pics before the battery went out in my camera. I missed the best picture where a baby was riding a Fluval Shrimp Food Granule in the flow across the tank. By the time I got the camera, he was swimming into this myriophyllum tuberculatum:

Yeah, those rust colored "limbs" are as thin as kite string. He/she is about 1/16". What's cool about babies is that they "pop up" when you aren't expecting them. I was searching for an unobstructed shot when I realized this guy was sitting on the glass... about 2" from my face:

I leave the sides and back pretty much covered in dust algae, as I consider them to be just 3 more pastures for shrimp to graze on. I apologize for the picture quality. My camera is just a Kodak Z712 IS (12X optical zoom). Here are two potential mates:

More to come.

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