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20 Long Rock Pile-Update--5/21/2012--Still slow growth...New Filter

Newest PIC:

Please note that I am really bad with updating my journals consistently. I try my best but can't always get to it when I am home and I am often not home when my lights are on.

I have had a tank of some sort in my bed room for quite awhile. It is the tank I see least and care about least. I was dumping plants into this tank out of my 29 gallon and just not really enjoying where it was headed.

I had a bunch of rocks and some emmersed grass, I believe to be Dwarf Hair Grass. I bought it for something and never used it so I grew it outside. I figured this was a perfect time to do a new scape, especially because it doesn't have any inhabitants.

This is my second attempt at a natural style tank, both have been rock oriented. I am hoping that it looks like a mountain, given that I had limited materials. Hopefully it doesn't look like a pile of rocks. I am not 100% happy as is but told myself I cannot keep tweaking it until I look at it for awhile.

Anyway, I am not sure DHG is the right plant to begin with. It will cover up some of the hardscape, I just don't know if that is good or bad. I may take out a few rocks, I defineatly don't like where a few are positioned. I am doing a dry start to do my best to hold a slope. I was thinking about doing HC but I have used that plant a lot and want to try something new. Glosso really wasn't what I wanted. I just decided, why not, I have some and it is already emmeresed. Hopefully it turns out well.

Lastly, I have not totally finished the de-rimming. The rim is off but the silicone is still on. No problem, I can take my time now that I am doing a dry start.

Tank-20 Long (top rim removed)
Light- Coralife T5NO 2x18
Filter-Aquaclear 50 w/ Aquaclear 20 motor/impeller
Heater-Unsure if it will be heated

Dwarf Hair Grass

Not sure if I will add anything or not

Not sure if I am going to do fish, shrimp or both. I will only have one species of either most likely.


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