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Originally Posted by ghotifish View Post
Nice little tank! Ive been considering a little tank for my office, never seen this size before. Never heard of homemade fish food before either, is it little chunks that you feed? Are you still using it?

Its a super awesome tank. I love the size of it. I've also seen it de-rimmed and it looks great. Actually the back rim on top just comes off. No work required. The filter that came with it would have been awesome to stuff with media if it hadnt been so loud.

Yes. I keep all of the cubes in a ziplock bag in a Tupperware container in the freezer. I take one cube out wrap it in paper towel and put it in the fridge to defost. Takes a couple hours. I take it out and cut some slices off of it and cut those into cubes. However much I use in about a week. Which is usually two slices cut into 1/4 inch cubes.
I put the cubes in a baggy in the fridge and cut more weekly.

I feed about 4 -5 of them a day. They keep the fish full for much longer than flake foods and pellets.
Its my only food now besides the occasional bloodworm and some blanched cucumber.

I drop in cucumber every few days or so for the oto's. But my guppies and corries like to nibble on it while its there. and they get bloodworms once a week for some variety.

I love this food. Everyone is more active and colourful. In better condition. It fattened up the fish that were underweight. And got rid of one of my guppies fatty liver. Which made him look pregnant. I could gush for hours about it. It takes a month or two for the full effects to kick in. And keeps the water much cleaner than flakes.
I really recommend trying it out!!
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