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Hey Bill, that's great stuff! I love autodosing. Makes things soo easy. Welcome to the club.

With 6 pumps, you might have to be the honorary president!

Sound's like you got the aquamedics. And they may be very accurate. But I wanted to just let you know that some of these pumps (like mine) do not pump at their rated flows. I believe mine pumps about 25% slower than its rated flow. So you might want to measure it first to confirm the flow rate before you calculate your schedule.

If you'll be dosing everyday, you've got to deal with the "target vs. average" question, and decide what level you want to hit on your ferts. While with a typical dosing schedule you "target" a point to hit when you dose, you go lower than that in between doses. Daily doses allow you to peg a spot and hold it. But the spot you select might not be the same as your old "target".

Good luck! And keep us posted of progress please.

Steve - 33g reef and a 180g planted in need of a re-scape.
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